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Our Dental office utilizes state-of-the-art dental technology to provide our patients with gentle and quality care. Gentle Touch Dentistry has the latest Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scanner to generate 3D images of our patients’ dental structures, soft tissue, nerve paths and bone – all in a single scan. Seeing things in 3D greatly increases the patient's understanding of the problem and its location. This is especially true of bony defects associated with periodontal disease, endodontic lesions, and placement of implants.

Gentle Touch Dentistry is one of the best dentists in Orange County, which has been serving the residents of Orange County since years. Many of our patients call us their favorite dentist and say that our dental clinic is the best. However, ours is a "dental office" and not a "dental clinic". Many people misunderstand dental office for a dental clinic. But what is the difference between the two? How does a dental office differ from a dental clinic? Should you visit a dental clinic or a dental office? To get the answers for these questions, read on. Both, dental clinic and a dental office are similar with only minor differences.

Firstly, a dental clinic, primarily the famous term is coined for a place where treatment for dental problems is given to the patients. Generally, this place is not big than a single room. A dental clinic, within a single room has all the dental tools, equipment and all the required dental devices. Dental office in Orange County are often connected within parts of bigger institutions like schools, hospitals, offices, etc. Here, generally low cost treatments are carried out. However, the extent and type of dental procedures of a dental clinic must not define its quality. The services are generally fast as the appointments are limited and prices are low.

As compared to a dental clinic, a dental office generally has a larger area and is run individually by a professional dentist. It is independent and controls every factor of its running, including finances, clerical work and treatment. It has a working staff and employees and different departments for each type of dental work. A properly maintained dental office has a reception area for the patients to wait. An efficient dental office must have properly maintained computer systems to keep complete record of dental health of the patients. Definitely it will have a dental clinic in it, where the treatments are performed and all dental equipment is kept. Lastly, a dental office has a storage area to store all the paperwork and keep a record of all the payments and finances.

If you are also looking for a good solution for any of your dental needs, you can come to the highly efficient dental office in Orange County of Gentle Touch Dentistry, which is equipped with top quality dental tools and equipment. Our dentists are highly trained professionals, who have been in the dental industry for years and have the best experience to effectively treat all types of dental problems. If you are planning to visit a dentist, you must try to see a dental office in Orange County. A dentist with an independently established dental office probably has a reliable and a highly professional team, who can focus on your dental problems and provide a better solution to them.

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