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Gentle Touch Dentistry comprises an expert team of dentists, who have been serving the residents of Anaheim for years. Our team has the best knowledge and experience which is used by them to successfully treat all types of dental problems, whether cosmetic or reconstructive. Nowadays, teeth whitening in Anaheim is the most common cosmetic dental procedure that has helped several patients get back a set of beautiful white teeth very easily. Teeth whitening in Anaheim is a very effective method to get beautiful teeth. Although there are a number of teeth whitening options available in the market but Gentle Touch Dentistry will first analyze your oral health and your previous oral records to devise the best way of teeth whitening in Anaheim.

In dentistry, the most common dental problem is toothache. A toothache in Anaheim or pain around your tooth can be caused by a number of reasons. The most basic reason for a toothache in Anaheim is tooth decay. Tooth decay can cause cavities, which can cause a lot of damage to enamel and dentin. Tooth abscess, formed around the root of teeth can cause infection and result in toothache in Anaheim. Any physical damage to your teeth can cause it to pain afterwards. It can be due to a crack in the harder layer of enamel or an internal damage to your teeth. Many patients may also feel pain in their teeth due to a dental procedure that was completed in the past. It could be a damaged filling or infected gums. Gentle Touch Dentistry can provide you the best treatment for toothache in Anaheim.

Wisdom teeth are the set of third molars that grow at the age of later teens or early twenties. These are the final molars and it is very important that these have good health and are properly aligned. If these are misaligned, their condition may get worsened over time and cause a lot of trouble. They may horizontally align themselves away from the second molars and can damage other teeth, jawbone and gums. They may erupt through the gums and which can cause bacterial infection. Tis can cause damage and can be painful. If you also have poorly aligned wisdom teeth in Anaheim, you need to see a dentist, particularly an endodontist, who can professionally realign them or extract them if required. Contact Gentle Touch Dentistry to get any treatment related to wisdom teeth in Anaheim at the most reasonable price.

If you have severely misaligned teeth or if your teeth are overcrowded, you may need to choose tooth extraction in Anaheim to treat them. In the treatment of tooth extraction in Anaheim, the improperly positioned teeth are removed from the dental socket. Tooth extraction in Anaheim is also a very good option if any of your teeth is severely damaged and if it cannot be repaired or treated. You may contact a general dentist, periodontist or an endodontist for tooth extraction in Anaheim. Gentle Touch Dentistry has been providing best tooth extraction in Anaheim and you can contact our expert team to remove your tooth. Our team is well educated and experienced to provide the best dental services including tooth extraction in Anaheim.

Below are a few of the conditions that can lead to dental tooth extraction:

  • Gum disease
  • Advanced tooth decay
  • Broken or knocked-out teeth
  • Tooth loosening
  • Dental crowding
  • No matter why you need a tooth extracted, our surgeons
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